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Abstract Linear Background

Events Planning and Management

Media Relations

Corporate Communication

Press Coverage
Working from Home

We do events planning and management

We do media relations

We do corporate communication

Documentary Production


Events Videography

Boy Blowing Bubbles
Fashion Beauty
Newlywed Couple

We produce documentary films

Jenin Photo Studio specialises in Events Photography and Studio Portraits

Contact us for professional Events Videography

Speech Writing


Jenin Sounds

A Young Man Writing
Coffee Time
DJ on the Set

We write professional speeches

We specialise in branding

We provide state of the art sound solutions

Jenin Cakes

Jenin Catering Services

Jenin Car Rental

Wedding Cake
Rice with Roasted Vegetables
Front of Car

We make cakes for all events

We offer professional catering services for all types of events

We offer executive car rental services

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