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Planning an Event, Be Certain to have a Standby Generator on Site

One huge mistake people often make is to spend a fortune organizing an event and they forget to have a standby generator on site. How do you spend your hard-earned money and time on an event, and you put all your hopes in the national grid? Well knowing that the single most important must have at an event is power! Ever heard the saying “life of a party”? Well, a generator is exactly that for an event.

Apart from the mere fact of keeping the crowd pleased, having a steady power source can further help to maintain a secure environment, most especially at night. The other important thing to consider is the size of generator. If you choose the wrong generator, it can ruin your event and impact your guests’ experience. The size of generator you choose depends on the total wattage of items it’s meant to power and the duration of the event. It is also important to get a silent generator in order to enhance the quality of your event.

At Jenin Events and Communications, we hire out both small and big 15 KVA generators. If you want to hire a generator for your upcoming event, be sure to contact us. Visit, email, or call 0707267181. We are always more than happy to speak to you and deal with any enquiries you might have.

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